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First benchmark for Apple’s new Mac mini released

There are only a couple of days left until we can get to know the new Mac Mini , but we’ve already been able to see the first performance test on Geekbench.

The first test offers positive performance, similar to the MacBook Pro. To make this comparison, we used a configuration with a 3.20GHz Intel Core i7 processor with 32GB of RAM.

First benchmark for Apple’s new Mac mini released
First benchmark for Apple’s new Mac mini released

The score amounts to 5512 points in Single-Core, while in Multi-Core we find 23516 points. Not bad for a first contact with the new Mac mini.

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The first test of this test must be taken with tweezers, since as they say in Macrumors, the results could be a little lower than normal, perhaps because they were performing some task in the background that limited the real results. Fortunately, this week we will be able to learn more about this, as well as the new iPad Pro.

This data even matches that offered by the Mac Pro from 2013 or the iMacs from 2017. Please note that the iMac Pro did not receive any recent upgrades, and the professional response iMac Pro is the latest benchmark upgrade in the iMac range.

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Apple surprised with a renewed Mac mini that lived up to the expectations of the users, with the exception of the graphics card, since we found a built-in GPU . This really disappointed some users who were expecting a better solution from Apple. Of course, this can be improved with an external graphics card, but it entails an extra expense.

You can learn all the details of the new Mac Mini in this post dedicated to it. As a preview, Apple bet on a design similar to the one we already know, but with a color similar to the iMac Pro and with a variety of ports that includes a 10 Gbps Ethernet input.

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