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First Adobe 64-bit application for Mac available: Lightroom 2.0

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Although it has been no surprise since I have been using its beta version for almost four months, I cannot help but be happy that Adobe has finally released the final version of Photoshop Lighroom 2.0 .

The new features of this RAW management and processing application for photographers (either amateurs because of its low price, or professionals because of its powerful tools) are many and varied but one of the ones that will go unnoticed by the average user despite its importance is that it is the first application of the company with native 64-bit support under Leopard (in those computers that allow it). In this way, it is not only ahead of Adobe’s own Creative Suite but also ahead of Apple itself and its rival application Aperture 2.1.

First Adobe 64-bit application for Mac available: Lightroom 2.0
First Adobe 64-bit application for Mac available: Lightroom 2.0

The benefits of 64-bit in Lightroom will be most evident to photographers who manipulate large images because the application will be able to access more than 4GB of RAM directly influencing its overall performance. For everyone else, the rest of the new features are also really juicy:

  • New “Local Adjustment Brush” tool for selective adjustment of specific areas of the image. In addition, it also has a gradient filter for exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation adjustments…
  • The Library module has been tremendously optimized and includes better tools for organizing, filtering and searching images on various hard disk volumes.
  • Smart collections.
  • Keyword suggestion.
  • Support for dual monitors.
  • Detailed view for noise reduction and focusing.
  • Great improvements also in the Print module with specific focus options for each output system (such as display or printer), 16-bit color depth printing, and automatic creation of fully customizable contact sheets.
  • It is the first Adobe application capable of running natively in 64-bit (on Leopard Macs or PCs with the 64-bit version of Windows Vista and Core 2 Duo processors).

Along with Lightroom 2.0 and the inseparable Camera RAW 4.5 , Adobe has also presented the beta of the new DNG Profile Editor, a small application with which we can tune the profile of our camera , previously downloaded from the Adobe website, where we can find about 200 models available.

And now, the time of the cakesAdobe insists on making fun of the European market by offering us the application at the questionable price of 288.84 euros, very tight, yes (although not so much if we buy them with the 199 euros of Aperture 2), but the result of a ridiculous exchange rate when sold across the pond for 299 dollars (189 euros at current exchange rates). To top it all off, not content with making us pay 100 euros more for our pretty face, they take the added luxury of not translating the application into our language, settling for the random selection of English, French, German and (in a few months) Japanese. Very bad, Adobe, very bad .

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