Firefox Focus, the iOS browser that carries privacy by default

Privacy has become a commodity for which users exchange seemingly free services. As the ways of acquiring data have become more advanced and sophisticated, many people have become aware of the level of information they give up about themselves. As a consequence, there has been a reaction against the voracious appetite for personal data.

Mozilla, the company behind one of the most popular browsers, has recognized that concern and picked up the baton. With Firefox Focus for iOS , Mozilla intends to put an end to the free buffet that our personal data has become.

Firefox Focus: a free, private browser for iOS

Do you remember that time when you left your iPhone to someone to look for flights to London and then you started to see ads for hotels and car rentals in this city? Do you remember when you looked for that gift for your partner, only to be chased by similar products throughout the internet? Or when you were about to buy some sneakers but you backed out at the last minute and now they don’t disappear from the websites you visit?

You can avoid all this with Firefox Focus, with the addition of many other features. Firefox Focus is not a new app, as was released last year as a content blocker . But what has changed is the update that the company released yesterday. As they say in their own blog, this renewed browser for iOS has

  • Tracker blocker responsible for chasing ads across the web.
  • Integrated ad blocker.
  • Pop-up blocker.
  • It does not store users or passwords.

By reducing the number of ads and trackers on a website, the loading speed is significantly improved. As a consequence, the amount of data consumed is lower , which is very relevant in situations of low coverage or when our data rate is about to end.

Focus not only advocates for the privacy of the websites we visit but also for simplicity. There are no tabs, so you can’t accumulate dozens of them that have been open for months. And there are no complicated menus either.

Settings and delete button

The iOS ad blocker fever came in its ninth version last year. Since then, we’ve seen a number of options come out when it comes to blocking content in Safari for iOS (and as many here, here, and here). And of course, we’ve seen other browsers like Opera with content blocker installed as standard.

But perhaps the most striking thing about Firefox Focus is the delete button that appears constantly at the top of the app. Touch it and it will automatically close whatever you were viewing , removing all traces of it. Focus retains the settings of its content blocker released last year. From the button on the small cogwheel we can access them and configure everything to our liking:

  • Safari Integration – This is the blocker that integrates with the iOS browser.
  • Block ad crawlers, analytics and social networks.
  • Blocking web typefaces.
  • Firefox Focus para iOS, gratuita.

    En Apple
    Whether or not to send anonymous usage data to Mozilla (activated by default, which is still a bit ironic).

However, Firefox Focus has a couple of major shortcomings. The first and most obvious, unlike Opera, is only in English . The second, it has not yet integrated features such as Peek & Pop and 3D Touch, something possible on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. In addition, as it is logical, by getting rid of all kinds of trackers every time we visit a website we will have to close the annoying warning about cookies.

Firefox Focus, the iOS browser that carries privacy by default
Firefox Focus, the iOS browser that carries privacy by default

As a user, I find this browser especially useful for the upcoming Christmas campaign. I don’t want to look for gifts and be chased for weeks when I have bought them (or not) and don’t need them anymore.

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