Firefox comes to the iPad and iPhone, We’ve Tested it

One of the most eagerly awaited web browsers has finally arrived on iPhone and iPad. We are talking about Firefox , the Mozilla browser.

Firefox for iPad and iPhone is now available on the App Store and, of course, it’s a completely free application .

Firefox comes to the iPad and iPhone, We’ve Tested it
Firefox comes to the iPad and iPhone, We’ve Tested it

In this way Firefox joins other popular mobile web browsers such as Opera Mini or Google Chrome. Now, the question is: Will we soon see Microsoft Edge on iPhone and iPad?

Firefox for iPhone and iPad

The Mozilla web browser application is not bad at all, we’ve been testing it for a couple of days and have no complaints.

Web pages load pretty fast, though, not at the same speed as Safari or Chrome. Sometimes we have noticed a certain slowdown in the loading of images.

On the other hand, Firefox has some advantages over its competitors. For example, the app offers a main menu that shows us the most visited web pages in a very visual and organized way, in the style of Opera Mini.

Firefox for iPhone and iPad also allows us to use reading lists to save web pages and read them offline later. We can also change the search engine, access in private mode and use a very well implemented tab system.

Download Firefox for iPhone and iPad

Firefox is free, requires iOS 8.2 or later. You can download this web browser from the App Store by clicking on the button below:

At least iOS 9 on iPhone or iPad is required to use the private web browsing mode.

In short, we liked the style of Firefox for iPad and iPhone, and we hope you do too. What do you think about the new browser for iOS? Have you downloaded it yet? Share with us your experience from the comments.

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