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Fintonic Receives an Update with Interesting News

Fintonic is, without a doubt, one of the best personal finance management applications for iPhone and iPad. The application currently has more than 380,000 users and is rated as the leading indie app in the sector in Spain.

In fact, Fintonic received the Mobile Finance Innovation Award from Google , and best of all, it’s on the App Store totally free. Yes, yes, totally FREE! Why would you pay to control and manage your money?

Fintonic Receives an Update with Interesting News
Fintonic Receives an Update with Interesting News

With Fintonic for iPhone and iPad, iOS users have the possibility to organize their economy, balance their expenses, save money, add all their cards in one place, receive notifications of charges, insurance, renewals, duplicates, etc. And now, with its latest update, it offers many more features…

What’s new in the Fintonic update for iPhone and iPad

First of all, the technical team of Fintonic developers has improved the stability of the application, as well as corrected small errors in the initial screen and in the notifications.

In addition, improvements have been implemented in the security of third party keyboards in relation to the password. Additionally, the balance graph in notifications has been enriched with much more info and details.

Now with the latest version of Fintonic it is possible to receive and provide loans within minutes , without paperwork, and directly from the iPhoneiPad. Finally, the application allows access to insurance from more than 40 insurance companies .

The differences between taking control of finances the old-fashioned way and doing it via smartphone are abysmal. Fintonic not only allows users to save time, but also to save money.

By being able to insert all the credit or debit cards in the Fintonic application, users will be able to see everything as a whole and, therefore, make decisions related to their economy and personal finances in a much easier and more comfortable way.

This is one of the best apps on the App Store, so we at iPadizate highly recommend you try it out. It’s 100% safe!

Download Fintonic for iPhone and iPad

Fintonic requires iOS 7 or higher. It is compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch models. You can get the FREE app from the link below:

And you, are you with Fintonic, or without Fintonic? What do you think of the new update? Have you tried any of its new features? Share with us your opinion and personal assessment about the iOS application. Thank you!

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