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FingerKey, unlocking the Mac from the iPhone Touch ID


Undoubtedly the biometric sensor that first incorporated the iPhone 5s has been one of those functions that once you know you can hardly get rid of it, this for its convenience in addition to that works great , where now thanks to the opening of the sensor in iOS 8 we have seen how developers have begun to incorporate this function in their applications.

FingerKey, unlocking the Mac from the iPhone Touch ID
FingerKey, unlocking the Mac from the iPhone Touch ID

Now, taking advantage of this opening, we have FingerKey, an application for iOS, which we will have access to from the Notification Center as a widget, which will help us unlock our Mac through our fingerprint with Touch ID either on the iPhone or iPad.

The idea is very attractive because, for example, for those of us who have programmed the Mac to ask for a password every time it goes to sleep, this is perfect, which will avoid us writing down our password every time we activate the computer.

FingerKey is installed on our iPhone or iPad equipped with a Touch ID sensor, once installed you will be asked to download and install the FingerLock add-on , which will make both devices connect via Bluetooth, where it should be noted that it will only work on devices equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 LE and of course iOS 8.

After this we only have to configure the computer we are going to use with TouchID and that’s it, besides the connection between both as well as the storage of the information are under 256 bits AES encryption for more security.

This is the first version of the application and some users have already reported connection problems with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, a problem that has reached the developers who have mentioned that the update is on its way. In addition, in the future they plan to open the application to other desktop platforms, making unlocking compatible through our footprint with Windows and Linux systems .

FingerKey is available for 1.79 Euro on the App Store and is compatible with iOS 8 devices and optimized for all iPhone sizes.


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