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Find your ideal Christmas gift with these exclusive offers

How wonderful technology is… Thanks to the products that companies develop, consumers have the opportunity to enjoy a much more satisfactory, comfortable and pleasant life. And now that Christmas is approaching, we are faced with a unique and unparalleled opportunity to acquire all those whims that we have been wanting throughout the year.

Whether it’s a new iPhone, a game console or an HD monitor for your PC… in this article you will find a magical list that brings together dreams and wishes in the form of beautiful Christmas gifts for your partner, your friends, your family and, why not, for yourself.

Find your ideal Christmas gift with these exclusive offers
Find your ideal Christmas gift with these exclusive offers

In this article we recommend a wide selection of Christmas gifts ideal for any technology lover. We have compiled the best offers from the most popular technology products to make your Christmas absolutely magical.

This year’s Black Friday is behind us, but there are still very juicy offers for you and yours.

You haven’t written your letter to Santa and the Wise Men yet? We’re going to do it right now!

Nintendo Switch

There’s no doubt that the Nintendo Switch will be the most popular game console this Christmas. It’s by far the best handheld console available today and it’s adaptable to any situation with its TV, desktop and handheld modes. But the most interesting thing about the Nintendo Switch is its wide range of games . From the new Super Mario Odyssey to the extraordinary The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, let’s play!

Price: 325 euros

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

After the nougat, the seafood and the suckling lamb that we are going to eat during these important days, we will need to keep our body in shape. And there’s no better way to do that than with one of the best sports activity bracelets on the market. The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 has a low consumption OLED screen, a heart rate sensor, IP67 water resistance protection and a 70 mAh battery that provides 20 days of autonomy. What better gift than taking care of our health?

Price: 31.99 euro

Apple iPhone 8

If you need to renew your smartphone, one of the most interesting alternatives on the market is the new Apple iPhone 8. This offer includes a 64GB smartphone with a True Tone HD Retina display, A11 Bionic processor , 12MP camera , wireless charging support , augmented reality and waterproof features.

Price: 799 euros

iRobot Roomba 765

Vacuuming is an arduous and laborious task, but as we mentioned earlier, technology allows us to greatly simplify our daily lives. And this robot vacuum cleaner Roomba is a clear example of this. It has an improved cleaning head to collect dust much more efficiently, dual hepa filters, a power system software with a great autonomy and it is super easy to use.

Price: 399 euros

GoPro Hero 5 Camera

The GoPro Hero 5 camera is without a doubt the best sports camera on the market. It has an impressive video quality, has 4K recording, voice commands, a touch screen and a built-in GPS . It also has a slot for MicroSD, MicroSDHC and MicroSDXC cards.

Price: 329 euros

Samsung LED Full HD monitor

This 23.5-inch Samsung Full HD LED monitor is available for a scandalous price. It has a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels , PLS display technology and over 16 million colours. In addition, it offers an HDMI port and a VGA port.

Price: 145 euros

We’ve already chosen our Christmas gifts! Now it’s your turn! What technology products have you ordered this year?

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