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find traces that the project is still going on


The rumors of the new iPhone and other news from the keynote of the 10th have covered it up a bit, but the truth is that we have been receiving discreet but interesting clues about the Apple’s augmented reality glasses project for several weeks now. The latest, the requests for new communication protocols and transfers in the directive of that project.

find traces that the project is still going on
find traces that the project is still going on

Now it is MacRumors who has started September by stating that the project is still on track , contradicting DigiTimes and relying on their own sources. There is apparently evidence in the internal documentation of the development of iOS 13, mainly in a particular application called STARTester .

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Such an application is apparently capable of switching on and off a “head-mounted mode” , referring to a mode in which the user interface would be optimised for a device worn on the head. This mode would have the states “wearing” and “fastened”; and the documentation also mentions a system called StarBoard with which to output stereo sound from augmented reality devices.

Other software-level clues are the names of some variables in the internal iOS 13 source code, such as ARStarBoardViewController or ARStarBoardSceneManager . A simple translation already makes us suspicious of augmented reality “scene” managers.

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As for the hardware, we keep seeing appearances of the mysterious T288 product (we already talked about that identifier last year). It could be the augmented reality glasses as such, and at this moment Apple would have in tests a prototype with the code name ” Garta . Beyond this we continue with the very diffuse forecast that we could see a launch of those glasses throughout 2020.


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