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Find the iPad mini 5 for $80 off at Amazon

After the presentation of the iPad mini 5 by Apple, there have been many users who have seen a lot of potential to this team because n you can serve as a fully digital notebook. Two of the main features of this device are undoubtedly its small size and compatibility with the first generation Apple Pencil. After looking for different offers to get with this equipment, we have seen that from Amazon have reduced this iPad almost 100 euros as we passed to you below.

The iPad mini 5 is undoubtedly a very necessary renovation although it has left some users cold as the design it has is quite conservative and adds few new features although others have seen it all the usefulness of the world.

Find the iPad mini 5 for $80 off at Amazon
Find the iPad mini 5 for $80 off at Amazon

We all have on our desk a small notebook where we write down our ideas or where we take the organization of our day to day . With this new iPad we can put aside this notebook and take all our notes and keep the agenda on the iPad mini 5.

Buy iPad mini 5 for £367.92 here

If you were interested in buying one of these devices when you saw it presented at the Apple Store Online, now is the best time to buy it because we found it at Amazon with a very good discount of more than 80 euros. If we go to the Apple Store Online the price of this equipment is up to 449 euros, but at Amazon if we choose the Space Gray color model we can get it for 367.92 euros and in addition the delivery will be done in two-three days.

No doubt this is a very interesting offer for u n equipment that has an A12 chip and compatibility with the first generation Apple Pencil ideal for those more basic users who want to have a good iPad at a reduced price.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this offer, will you let it go?

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