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Find the discounted iPhone XR on Amazon for almost £70

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José Alberto Lizana

Find the discounted iPhone XR on Amazon for almost £70Find the discounted iPhone XR on Amazon for almost £70

Posted on April 10, 2019 – 16:02

We’ve seen Apple lower the price of the iPhone XR in many countries, including India and China, and we’ve kept the official prices for these devices, which start at $859 at the Apple Online Store . Today we’re going to comment on a very interesting offer that is available on Amazon by which you can get the iPhone XR in various colors with a discount that is around £70.

If you are thinking of changing your mobile phone and do not want to spend ‘too much’ money on an iPhone XS or XS Max, undoubtedly the most recommended option is the iPhone XR because it has the same processor as its big brothers, even though and a worse screen and a camera also of lower quality.

Buy iPhone XR in blue for £790.38 here

If you are an undemanding user in the photographic aspect, or simply do not use the camera as an essential working element this is a quite viable device. If it is true that we are not in front of an OLED screen , but the truth is that from Apple they have done a magnificent job with the screen of this iPhone.

After testing it in La Manzana Mordida we could see the great benefits of the equipment recommending its purchase for those more basic users or those who prefer to save some money by sacrificing some features but at the end of the day having a very good iPhone in their hands.

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The official price of this equipment starts at 859 euros, but on Amazon we can find it in blue, yellow, black or red for about 790 euros. This means a considerable saving of almost 70 euros without a doubt, so we should certainly consider whether to buy it or not. We certainly recommend it because it is a great mobile that will give you an incredible user experience. The offers we have found are the following:

No doubt this would be a very good gift for a friend or someone special, as they will have a mobile for a few years. Leave your impressions in the comment box about this new offer.

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