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Find Places that Accept Apple Pay with PayFinder

Although Apple Pay cannot be used in Spain at the moment, it is worthwhile getting to know some applications that may facilitate their use in the future. This is PayFinder, an application that finds places that accept payments with Apple Pay , the mobile payment service of the American company.

The arrival of Apple Pay in the United States was a revolution in payment , although its use has become increasingly common. However, most countries in the world are still unable to use it, including Spain.

Find Places that Accept Apple Pay with PayFinder
Find Places that Accept Apple Pay with PayFinder

Even so, Apple Pay still hasn’t taken off completely, largely because many users don’t know which merchants allow payments with this service and which don’t . But this has a solution thanks to PayFinder, an application that has just landed on the App Store.

PayFinder, a great help for those who want to use Apple Pay

Apple Pay can be used for online and application store purchases, but also in numerous shops that allow contactless payment. And it is on the latter that the PayFinder application focuses.

PayFinder has been developed by Brian Roemmele and contains over 12,000 merchants that support Apple Pay . It should be noted that 95% of these shops are small merchants, places where regular purchases are usually made.

PayFinder is very easy to use, as shows on a map all the Apple mobile payment service supported shops that are close to your location . Compared to the days before the launch, the application developer claims that sales that have been paid through Apple Pay have increased by up to 750%.

People are interested in using Apple Pay

Seeing this data and the great boost that the use of Apple Pay has had after the launch of the PayFinder app there is no doubt that people really want to use the mobile payment service of the American company . However, they seem a little lazy or embarrassed when asking if the shop they go to allows this type of payment with Apple Pay or not.

And it should not be forgotten that although there are many shops and banks that support Apple Pay, there are still many others that do not . In Spain, meanwhile, we will have to keep waiting, since Apple Pay cannot be used yet.

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