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Find out why a user paid ?1 million on Apple Pay

The Apple Pay mobile payment application is reaching more and more countries – we are still waiting in Spain – and users seem to have become accustomed to the comfort and security that this and similar payment options offer. Such is the reliability that some feel for payment systems in the digital ecosystem that recently a user made a purchase for almost one million euros using Apple Pay, so far the largest using applications of this type of service.

The operation that was carried out entirely by digital means took place in United Kingdom. It all started when the buyer responded to an offer from the auction house Coys of Kensington, for the 1964 Aston Martin DB5 car , which he had previously seen at the Paris Motor Show.

Find out why a user paid ?1 million on Apple Pay
Find out why a user paid ?1 million on Apple Pay

According to the information released by Appleinsider, the customer authorized with his fingerprint on the iPhone the purchase of the car valued at 825 thousand pounds, approximately 959 thousand euros. The payment was made through the Vero platform.

Although the identity of the buyer was not disclosed, it is presumed that he is a big fan of James Bond since this car is precisely the one that appears in the movie Skyfall. The Aston Martin DB5 that originated the transaction is silver in color with red leather upholstery and was bought from its previous owner after he took care of restoring it completely.

Thinking that a similar operation is possible, the auction house announced that other historic cars are still available on Vero’s account, although none of them are as expensive as the DB5 caught through Apple Pay. Among them: Ferrari Daytona worth 800,000 pounds, and a Ferrari Dino 246 that was owned by Led Zeppelin manager, Peter Grant, at a price of 400,000 pounds.

To date, it is estimated that mobile payment transactions total 620 billion euros , according to figures from the finance website TrendForce. Are you the type of person who trusts in making mobile payment purchases for large sums of money?

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