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Find out which apps connect to the Internet on your Mac

When you use Safari, Chrome, Spotify, Spotify or similar applications on a Mac, you’re fully aware that they’re sending and receiving traffic over the Internet. But these types of applications aren’t the only ones that send or receive data. Many others that may not need to connect anywhere in the first place do so as well.

There are different tools that allow you to monitor all outgoing and incoming traffic on a Mac, but most are complex and difficult to understand for users who are not used to them. In this article I want to talk to you about Radio Silence , an application that allows to know exactly which programs are making connections through the Internet and if you think it is convenient to block their access to the network completely.

Find out which apps connect to the Internet on your Mac
Find out which apps connect to the Internet on your Mac

The “classic” method of blocking an application from connecting to the Internet is through the macOS hosts file, although this is not a task that is available to everyone, as it requires the use of a terminal to do so and can be somewhat complex.

Radio Silence simplifies this task in an enormous way, making with a simple click of the mouse the applications you want to stop having access to the Internet .

To make this so simple, the application interface is divided into two tabs: Firewall and Network Monitor .

In the tab Firewall displays a list of the applications you have blocked from accessing the Internet, while in Network Monitor displays a list of all the applications and processes that have connected to the Internet in real time. From this last list you can block the connectivity of any of the apps that have connected with a simple click as I said before.

In addition, at the bottom of the tab Firewall you will find a button with the text ” Block Application ” when you click on it it will allow you to select the app you want to block from all the ones installed on your computer ; without the need for it to connect to the internet beforehand and appear on another tab of the program.

Radio Silence also has an on/off button. Thanks to this button, you can activate or deactivate the blockades in a massive way, so that if necessary you can allow Internet access to all the blocked apps again or limit it under certain circumstances. This function can be very useful if you usually connect through tethering from your iPhone and you want to reduce data consumption, you just have to block the applications that you do not want to connect on mobility under any circumstances.

You can download Radio Silencie from its official website and try it out for free for 24 hours. If you’re convinced, the license is priced at $9, which is quite a bit of money for software that works very well.