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find out where and how to pay

As announced yesterday, Apple’s electronic payment service, Apple Pay is now available in Spain for Banco Santander customers. The cards that will specifically serve with this system are: American Express, issued by Banco Santander, Edenred cards and Carrefour Financial Services cards.

Users with some of these cards can start enjoying the service at Sephora, Cortefiel, Starbucks and VIPS, which allow contactless payment. For the use of this service, the card issuers will generate a commission close to 0.15% per transaction.

How to pay with Apple Pay

find out where and how to pay
find out where and how to pay

To start using the service we must configure our device with 3 simple steps:

  • The first thing is to open the Wallet option located at the top. Immediately there is a window in which to add a credit or debit card. If you don’t see it, try restarting your iPhone.
  • After adding the card by scanning the numbering, expiration date and security code (CVV) or adding them by hand The system will alert us of this and invite us to contact our financial institution to receive information about the arrival of Apple Pay. If you try to register with a card from another bank, the system will invite you to do so with a valid option.
  • Finally, in order to approve the payment, the iPhone must be brought close to the reader with the finger placed on the TouchID without having to open Wallet. Through vibration and the emission of a sound the payment is confirmed. With the Apple Watch, all you have to do is tap twice on the side button while bringing the device closer to the reader.

Apple Pay-compatible devices

  • iPhone: iPhone SE and iPhone 6 or higher.
  • Apple Watch: All generations, linked to an iPhone 5 or higher.
  • iPad: from iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2.

  • Mac: Mac with MacOS Sierra post 2012 compatible with Apple Pay linked with an iPhone or an Apple.Watch or the new Macbook Pro with TouchID

Currently, Apple Pay is fully available in 12 countries: Australia, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States. Progressively it is expected to start working with other banks within Spain.

After months of waiting, Spain has finally joined the list of countries that have the convenient service Ready for your first payment?

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