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Find out what’s new on Facebook TV for your iPhone

¿Podría estar el iPad en el final de sus días?

Cabe destacar que este nuevo servicio de Facebook TV será completamente gratuito , ya que la monetización se conseguiría a través de la publicidad que se emitiría durante la visualización del contenido. Básicamente la misma estrategia que utilizan plataformas como Youtube, o la televisión convencional.

Find out what’s new on Facebook TV for your iPhone
Find out what’s new on Facebook TV for your iPhone

¿Qué opinas del nuevo servicio de Facebook?, ¿Logrará triunfar, o piensas que será un fracaso?

Usa tu cuenta de Facebook para dejar tu opinión.

Currently, streaming audiovisual content systems are at the top of their game. Since Netflix was installed on our devices, more and more services have wanted to follow in the footsteps of the all-powerful application. That is why Mark Zuckerberg’s company has not wanted to be left behind either. What is this about?

After acquiring the instant messaging company par excellence (WhatsApp), the firm has just launched Facebook TV . This new feature aims to broadcast shows similar to those we see on TV, with more than a few notable durations. On the other hand, the company would also broadcast another type of shorter content , similar to services such as Flooxer or Youtube.

In this way, the company would carry out its own audiovisual projects , with the aim of joining the cart of the winners. And it seems that Zuckerberg wants to bet on everything. It is very likely that this strategy is aimed at continuing to attract young people to the platform that reigns supreme: Facebook.

It is true that many teenagers prefer to opt for other social networks, since Facebook is often similar to a social network of more adult people. However, this new content made in Facebook would manage to solve this problem , through the success and impact that this type of content usually brings to the network.

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