Find out what’s new in iOS 7

No more rumors, we now have the official launch of iOS 7 and we have not hesitated to tell you about all the new features and functions it brings. New design, new services and new interface among other things. Come in and discover what Jony Ive has been creating in the last months. iOS 7, the most advanced mobile operating system so far released from Cupertino is already among us.

Today was the big day, at last Apple listened to the millions of users who were crying out for a renewal of the iPhone and iPad operating system . Just a few minutes ago, Cupertino’s guys introduced us to iOS 7, the seventh version of the mobile operating system of the Bite Apple.

Find out what’s new in iOS 7
Find out what’s new in iOS 7

As the hundreds of rumours we’ve had to put up with over the last few months have indicated, iOS 7 has a simpler and more effective interface , designed entirely by Jonny Ive. So here’s a look at what’s new in this new version, which is not very much, as we could say that the change in look is almost radical.

New icons now simpler

The characteristic glow of the Apple icons is left out. We were already seeing it in the latest applications released by Apple as that brightness was lost. Now we have some icons with much more solid colors and with some gradient . For me, although I don’t like them, the truth is that they have hit the mark, it’s good to see the home screen now.

The interface in applications loses skeumorphism

The skeumorphism , that design so loved and so hated by others from today, is no longer a protagonist on the iPhone and iPad. It seems that Johnatan Ive has had it very clear, out of ineffective interfaces and more use of space that offers the screens of the devices.

Now, we can see how the Apple applications look like icons and menus with white tones and certain details highlighted in strong colors . A much more intuitive interface than before and more pleasing to the eye. For my taste, everything has to be said, it’s a bit more boring, but it will be a matter of time before I get used to it.

3D backgrounds

A new feature that will please many and displease a few is that the background is now in 3D, that is, when we move the mobile the gyroscopes detect the position of the mobile, and the background will move as if the applications were floating over it. A very nice and interesting effect, which uses the device’s accelerometer, but we’ll see how it works on older devices. One of the many concepts taken from the jailbreak that iOS 7 brings. Will these visual flourishes affect battery life?


In iOS 7 everything has been revamped, the Time application, the Camera… They will all look different. On this first one we will see the clouds or the sun at the bottom of the screen and on them the weather information of the place where we are. Everything in a tremendously visual and attractive way for the user.

Camera and Photos

On the other hand, the app from Photos has also renewed its look by showing us our snapshots organized by Moments , i.e. place and time where the photo was taken, so that we can navigate between them more precisely and these are stored better.

One of the great details regarding the navigation between our photos is the possibility to zoom in inside the gallery to show more or less photos and to be able to navigate between them in a more comfortable way. In addition, it is necessary to emphasize the possibility of selecting certain photographies pulsating on them.

We will be able to add filters to the camera a little bit in Instagram mode. This is because the camera has become more powerful, as we’ll have more customisation options when taking pictures, so we’ll be able to get more out of the already good iPhone camera.


Multitasking has changed dramatically, probably the most dramatic change in all of iOS 7. Now, instead of at the bottom of the screen, where we selected the icons of the applications that were running in the background, we will navigate between windows .

We can see in images the state of the application in the background and click on it to work on that application, no static icons to return to applications that we had closed. Now we’ll be able to see the status of the applications and where we’d left off in them.


Perhaps the renewal of the Safari app has caught us by surprise the most. It has integrated a new way of browsing between tabs tremendously colorful and functional in addition to a change in the browser interface , which now see full screen, which will significantly improve the user experience.

The navigation between tabs reminds us a bit of the coverflow of the iPod, and with it, like a roulette, we can select the tab to be displayed in the browser in a quick and fluid way . As with multitasking, this will allow us to see the tab we’re going to select previously, not just knowing the title of it.

Finally, the search from the top right tab in Safari has been improved by incorporating predictions into the terms we type in in the purest Google Instant style. This will make it easier and faster to search in our favourite search engine.

Notification Center

One of the big changes is the iOS 7 notification center, which will be displayed at the bottom of our screen and will show slightly opaque, so it will show the background of our smartphone out of focus, making it tremendously attractive to the eye.

From the notification center we can access AirDrop, AirPlay, iTunes, Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth, Camera… A host of shortcuts that will make our navigation much more comfortable and simple. You no longer need to go to Settings every few seconds, but can perform the most common tasks from the Notification Center.


iOS 7 simplifies the way we share files between devices by integrating AirDrop, previously available only between Mac computers. To use AirDrop you don’t have to configure anything, it just works , it’s extremely simple and effective. All you have to do is select the file and which computer you want to transfer it to.

As Craig Federighi said comparing it to the Samsung Galaxy S4, we won’t need to walk around the room looking for our mobile to bump into our friends’ phones, we just need to select it in the AirDrop menu and the file will be transferred to your phone.


iOS 7 will support iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch 163264 GB, iPad 2 and iPad mini. This means that iOS 7 will be able to be installed on all iOS-enabled devices currently on sale from the Apple Store, so no user will be left without the ability to upgrade their new device.

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