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Find out what the Apple website looked like in the 1990s

It is curious to see how companies have changed over the years. But it seems impossible that we can see what some websites looked like a few years ago. This time, thanks to the files available in Wayback Machine , we can discover how Apple’s website looked in previous years .

In this Internet archive we can find some curious captures from Apple’s website, and the first one they keep dates from October 22nd 1996, almost 20 years ago. Although it is a pity, because Apple already had a website a few years earlier , but let’s enjoy what we have, which is not little.

Designer Kevin Fox

Find out what the Apple website looked like in the 1990s
Find out what the Apple website looked like in the 1990s

But it seems that all is not lost, the designer who worked on the Apple and Google software , Kevin Fox, might have some captures of the first web of the company of the apple in some old backup. Above all, he could keep some images of the homepage, which could be the most interesting one. After an intense search made by Fox, voilà! he found something, very pixelated, that seemed to be the Apple’s website back in 1993 or 1994 .

The Apple website in 1995

Not even Kevin Fox himself could believe what he had just found. A screenshot from Apple’s website prior to the one kept in the files of Wayback Machine . This backup had been burned on a CD in 1995 and was stored in a cardboard box , in some files from 2006, but it still wasn’t the colorful website he remembered. What he had just found was a very gridded website made up of tables and networks, but it was not at all showy. But Kevin didn’t back down and continued with the search.

The first memories of

And they say whoever follows her gets her, and that’s what happened to Kevin Fox. After searching many places, he found a very small, pixelated image, but in full color. It should be noted that the web should look good on the computers of the time , which at that time had a screen resolution of 512×342 pp. The text is not real either, it is embedded in every image.

The colors were not for shooting rockets either, most monitors had a maximum of 256 and Apple wanted them to look good on all screens. What did it do? Used primary and very basic colors, ensuring correct display anywhere in the world.

Seen in the eyes of the Internet as we know it right now it may seem a very precarious web but there are many things to consider from the time, such as search engines. In the old days there was no such thing and what was most comparable to a search was sending a message to a particular URL and waiting to see what it said.

From BGR they have shown us some screenshots and we have been able to see how the Apple’s web looked like in the 90’s . What do you think? The truth is that Cupertino’s guys care a lot about the design and the image they give to their clients but, do you think they used to put more passion in it? If you like retro, don’t miss out on what the Apple watch would have looked like if it had been born in the 80s.

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