Find out if you’ve been blocked on WhatsApp with these tricks

Is there anything worse than saying hello to someone with all your love when they actually have you blocked on WhatsApp? You there, pouring out all your joy and sympathy for someone who then goes behind your back and presses the little block button. Aside from how funny the subject can be, it’s true that many people would like to be able to get out of their doubts and know if someone has blocked them on WhatsApp. Are the messages left unanswered because the recipient couldn’t read them or didn’t want to answer them? Here are some tips and tricks to help you find out if you are being ignored in the queen of messaging apps. Please note that these tips are not always 100% accurate , so there is a risk that they could play tricks on us. So be careful, don’t blame someone who has blocked you based on these tests alone.

The time of the last connection

If someone has us blocked, we don’t get their last connection time. So, if we enter into a conversation with that person and we don’t see this date, or its status, it’s probably that he has blocked us. Another option is that you have chosen in the Privacy section (in Settings) not to show your last connection time. However, one test that will allow you to get out of doubt completely is to try another phone . If the WhatsApp on another phone does show you the last connection time, then it has blocked you.

Checks are another very important clue

Find out if you’ve been blocked on WhatsApp with these tricks
Find out if you’ve been blocked on WhatsApp with these tricks

WhatsApp shows us checks, as we already know, when a message is sent, received and read. These are therefore an important clue as to whether we are being blocked. If we get the double blue check it means that the user has read our message , so we are not blocked . In any case, he may have chosen not to reply to us. Be careful, though, because it’s possible to disable the double blue check, so they can also read us without us really knowing. If we send a message to someone with only one check, it means that the message has been delivered. If it always stays in a single check and doesn’t pass to two (received) it means that the person doesn’t have an Internet connection or has us blocked . A second phone with WhatsApp can help us get out of trouble here too.

The Test of Adding to a Group

As explained by various means, if we try to add a person to a group (even if we have created it expressly for our test) and it does not allow us, this means that the person has us blocked.

A second phone may be the best option to get out of doubt

When someone has us blocked we can’t see when they change status, the last time they logged on or if they’ve changed their picture. If we use a second phone we can see if we can see with this one (in which we are not blocked) what information is not shown on our phone. We hope that this information also explained by our colleagues TodoAppleBlog serve you to get out of doubt and stay more calm. Are you ready to apply these tricks and leave once and for all doubts about whether they could have you blocked?

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