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Find out how to use an iPad in commercial aviation

The daily operations involving aircraft of all types are estimated to be in the thousands. In civil and military aviation, the iPads have arrived some time ago, with the aim of facilitating operations for the cabin crew. Join us to discover how this is possible .

We must remember that it was in April 2010 when these devices came to market from Apple. It was in May 2011, when the FAA, the federal aviation administration of the United States authorized the airlines of that country to introduce the iPad in the cockpits, with the aim of facilitating the work of piloting .

Find out how to use an iPad in commercial aviation
Find out how to use an iPad in commercial aviation

Today it is already commonplace in any airline, and there are various reasons for this. Firstly, they replace quite a few kilos of paper manuals and transport everything in electronic format. It is estimated that the average weight of paper is around 16 kilos, imagine having to look for any incidence between so many pages .

Secondly, they have immediate access to a multitude of applications specific to their work as pilots. We could cite those of checklists, specific meteorological applications, flight logs, data recording, etc . Pilots can consult the departure, approach and taxiing charts, as well as the meteorology in just a few seconds, in addition to having all the documentation in a single device, always having the resources of a lifetime at hand, which of course are mandatory. In addition the GPS device integrated into the iPad does not influence at all the instruments of the plane , being an extra help if there were possible failures of the instruments.

Obviously it’s an improvement on your daily routine, but now, which iPad model should a pilot buy? After consulting, they conclude that the iPad Pro is too big with its almost 13 inches and the iPad Mini perhaps too small. They opt for a very specific configuration, the 10.5-inch iPad, WiFi only and with a capacity of 256 GB, the alternative model being the 9.7-inch iPad with only 128 GB WiFi .

So you know, technology helps in many more areas than we think. Are you a pilot and can you tell us if you use the iPad in flight? We’ll be happy to read about it in comments.

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