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Find out how to take macro photos

The macro mode as such does not exist within the Apple camera application. We don’t know if it will be implemented in future updates, but just because it doesn’t doesn’t mean we can’t take pictures on this system .

A photo in macro mode is one taken in such a way that the camera lens and the object to be photographed are very close together, resulting in a very detailed snapshot .

Find out how to take macro photosFind out how to take macro photos

There are lenses that can be attached to the iPhone’s lens to achieve this effect, but there is no need to make such an outlay.

I will now give you a series of easy tricks that I am sure will be of great help to you .

First of all, it is necessary to control the light. It is important that it is not too direct or powerful . once this is done, we must make use of the focus and exposure blocking (AEAF) . In order to do this, we must press long on the screen and always on the part we want to focus on.

Also, the use of the HDR mode when taking macro photos is recommended as well, because you manage to control the lighting in a balanced way . Taking pictures in this mode is like taking a trip back in time, as you manage to capture many details and the picture takes on a different dimension, revealing details that are not noticeable to the naked eye.

It’s also important to know that when you shoot your photos you must get close, but don’t do it in an exaggerated way, so much so that you can’t focus and that it looks blurry.

I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you that there are applications that do achieve this effect, such as Camera+ . Apart from many functions with which you can take advantage of your camera, it is a very complete tool, it has a macro shooting mode that does its job perfectly, getting the desired macro effect.

Download Camera+

Finally, there’s a very home-walking trick that achieves a macro effect. It’s none other than placing the lens of an old DVD player in front of the lens . Do you dare with it?

You shoot with macro? Do you have any other tips that make your iPhone shoot well on this system? Share them below and stay tuned to our content.