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Find out about the new emojis that will be released in 2017

A picture says more than a thousand words and the emojis fit perfectly within this premise, making each new update of people and objects exciting for users. This week the Unicode consortium, responsible for creating the emojis, announced the launch of 69 new figures for this summer.

Among the variety that will be offered Unicode 10 is a variety of new emojis that include a Tyrannosaurus rex, a mermaid, people in position. Of the 69 emojis, Unicode has already submitted a design, but they claim that it is still subject to change.

Find out about the new emojis that will be released in 2017
Find out about the new emojis that will be released in 2017

This update is currently in draft status and currently includes emojis from Unicode 10.0. New emojis will include flags for England, Scotland, Wales and genre variations for some characters. Details of new emojis that support skin tone modifiers are also listed as part of this release. For the full list, you can take a look at the emojipedia.

Some of the emojis include:

  • Cracker.
  • Sandwich.
  • Tomato soup.
  • Fortune cookie.
  • Inquisitive face.
  • Face with a monocle.
  • Brain.
  • Hat with a smiley face.
  • Mug with a smiley face.

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Last summer, Unicode 9.0 became official with 72 new emojis including bacon, selfie, and a clown face. Most of the emojis in Unicode 9.0 came to iOS with iOS 10.2.

At this point, it is not clear when we will see Unicode 10 coming to iOS, but it will probably not be for a few months at least since the final versions of the emoji will not be released until June, which is too late for an inclusion with iOS 11. According to the possible schedule it is likely that the emoji will bring an iterative update of iOS 11 by the end of this year.

What do you think of these 69 new emojis that come with iOS 11? Any favourite designs, which ones do you think they should include? Be sure to comment.

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