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financial results for the third fiscal quarter of 2014

As we saw at the beginning of the month, Apple has tonight given its results for the last fiscal quarter . This time we are talking about $37.4 billion in revenue and a net profit of $7.7 billion. Compared to the $35.3 billion in revenue and $6.9 million in profit in the same quarter last year, there was a slight increase.

Apple’s press release also confirms that $10.3 billion in cash has been generated , and that $8 billion has been delivered to shareholders. Right now, the company has $164.5 billion stashed away in its safes. Oh, and we will have a new stock dividend on August 14th.

financial results for the third fiscal quarter of 2014
financial results for the third fiscal quarter of 2014

Tim Cook has left his typical paragraph in the release, promising a busy autumn :

Let’s see the most interesting points that have been commented during the press conference that Apple has given in Cupertino with Tim Cook and Luca Maestri (successor of Peter Oppenheimer):

  • 35.2 million iPhones have been sold, slightly less than investors had predicted (about 40 million).
  • 13.2 million iPads, 4.4 million Macs and 2.9 million iPods have been sold. Revenue from the latter sector, as always, continues to fall slowly but steadily. 63% of users who wanted to buy a new tablet were looking for an iPad.
  • More than 20 million people watched the keynote live during WWDC14. This is a new record.
  • “They’re working hard and investing heavily” in “exciting opportunities” and an “incredible” run of new products and services.
  • There are already 29 brands of cars that have agreed to integrate CarPlay, not counting those that may have it later.
  • Tim Cook has been enthusiastic about the purchase of Beats Music, saying that “it will be great for music lovers”. The acquisition will be closed for good this quarter.
  • Of the last 33 fiscal quarters, the Mac has led the PC industry in 32.

Let’s go now to a couple of the questions and answers that the press and Apple executives have exchanged:

There are predictions of some weakness for the future of the tablet market. How do you plan to continue in this category in the long term? We have sold 225 million units in just 4 years, a figure that nobody would have predicted. I think the tablet category is still in its early days. […] We’re excited to see the iPad occupying a good fraction of the general consumer market and are delighted to bring it into the company with IBM. Anyway, the market is very bifurcated depending on the area. In more developed countries like the United States we have a weaker market.

Nota de prensa de Apple

Regarding IBM, we are not competing with each other, but will collaborate. And as always, we never stop looking at opportunities to buy companies so that money doesn’t burn a hole in our pockets. With Beats we saw that we could keep an incredible subscription service, and a talent that is not common and that can achieve great things at Apple. It’s a great marriage.

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