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Finally the iPhone will not carry the Intel 5G modem

No solo las operadoras apuestan por la conectividad 5G: así será el mundo según Intel cuando esté dominado por esta tecnología

Tough break for Intel. Five months ago we said that it was going to be the only modem provider for the iPhone of the future, three months later things changed to be the provider for 70% of the phone units… and now from cTech we read that neither 70% nor anything. Apple stops trusting those 5G modems from Intel .

Finally the iPhone will not carry the Intel 5G modem
Finally the iPhone will not carry the Intel 5G modem

The idea was to include these modems in time for this new generation of mobile communications to be rolled out worldwide replacing 4G LTE networks by 2020 . But Apple would have already communicated its decision internally to Intel, so the company would have allocated its resources to other things.

Who will now manufacture the 5G modems that will carry the iPhones that embrace that communications standard? Well, we can think of Qualcomm, which has been providing several of its components to the iPhone for years. And it’s not going to be a comfortable decision, because the patent battle with that company is not discreet.

Another possible supplier may be MediaTek : last week we saw how it bet to make those modems and to start negotiations with this company may be much easier than with Qualcomm. In the meantime, Intel does not give up and already thinks about how to offer Apple to manufacture the models of the terminals it sells in 2022.

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