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Finally, the Apple A6 is not an ARM Cortex A15, but a chip of its own design

After so much commotion over the news that the Apple A6 was using the new ARM Cortex A15 family, the Anandtech boys have denied it and are once again claiming that the design of the CPU is Apple’s own. It is still based on ARMv7 architecture, but Apple has been in charge of the chip design this time. This time the information is true because it is indicated in the new Xcode that the A6 is of the ARMv7s family, instead of ARMv7.

As it turns out we were wrong . After so much commotion after the news that the Apple A6 was the first processor with ARM Cortex A15 architecture, it turns out that Anandtech -the same people who created the original news-, denies this and claims that the internal chip is an Apple’s own creation.

Finally, the Apple A6 is not an ARM Cortex A15, but a chip of its own design
Finally, the Apple A6 is not an ARM Cortex A15, but a chip of its own design

These claims were based on the fact that every time the processor number advanced, Apple was mounting the next generation of the ARM Cortex mobile family. This time the Cortex A9 was moved to the Cortex A15, but no; in fact Apple has designed the CPU itself , based on ARM’s architecture.

That is, the instruction set is still ARMv7, but the CPU core is not based on either Cortex A9 or Cortex A15 . This is demonstrated by the findings of the new version of Xcode, where within the programming area for Apple A6 there are traces of a family called ARMv7s, which supports VFPv4 with 32 record memories instead of the typical 16.

Another reason to think that it is not an A9, is that Apple has managed to double the performance of the Apple A5, but improving battery life . The other manufacturers have simply raised the clock frequency and put more cores on the Cortex A9 family.

The Cupertino team has decided to create its own processor, achieving a higher performance with lower clock speeds , which is what lowers the voltage of the cores and thus reduces energy consumption.

The final and conclusive results will be seen on the Geekbench when the iPhone 5 is finally released, and it will be seen whether or not it is more powerful than its rivals.

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