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Finally, Apple is not responsible for removing comics with sexual content from its store

Apple’s censorship of a Comixology comic book by banning its publication on the App Store has caused a lot of commotion in recent days. We all know Apple’s strict policies in this regard, however, it was the CEO of the company responsible for the comic who denied that it was Apple who banned its publication. Apparently it was his own decision to misinterpret the policies regarding the content of the App Store and he announces that very soon the new delivery of the comic will be available in his app.

Much has been said in recent days about Apple’s ban on the publication of a comic book with sexual content in the Apple Store . This is the SAGA comic available for iOS that apparently violated Apple’s app store content policies due to the appearance of sexually explicit content.

Finally, Apple is not responsible for removing comics with sexual content from its store
Finally, Apple is not responsible for removing comics with sexual content from its store

Once again this fact has generated controversy as Apple is very strict on these issues and does not allow nude images or sexual content in App Store applications. We already saw for example how Playboy had to modify its application to avoid showing any kind of explicit content that could violate the conditions set by Apple.

Finally it seems that Apple was not to blame for the fact that this number 12 in the SAGA comic book series did not appear despite the anger of one of its authors. It was the very CEO of the company responsible for its creation who had to step in to disprove the controversy.

It all started when one of the authors of the comic, Brian K Vaughan, expressed his discomfort through Twitter because Apple banned the publication of the new issue by containing two small vignettes with gay sexual content . The author considers that on other occasions they had already used much more explicit vignettes without anything happening.

He also stressed that even though they could edit the content to comply with Apple’s standards it was not the right thing to do because all the images in the comic are there to advance the story and not to draw attention to themselves.

Comixology CEO denies Apple is responsible

Dan Steinberge, CEO of Comixology, has addressed the company’s customers to clarify that the person responsible for the non-publication of his comic SAGA No. 12 has not been Apple but it has been his own decision . As Apple’s partners they have an obligation to respect Apple’s content policies in applications and books they publish.

SAGA’s number 12 was considered by the company itself not to be in compliance and was therefore not launched. That is why Dan Steinberge closes the controversy by assuring that they have made a wrong, too conservative, interpretation of Apple’s policies and publicly apologizes for the commotion caused . Finally he is happy to announce that will soon be available as SAGA No. 12 in his App Store application.

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