Final list of workshops for the nanoCampusMac

After improving the facilities where the nanoCampusMac was originally going to be held next week, the organization sends us the final list of workshops and talks to be given.

Personally, invited me to give a talk on blogs and creating podcasts about GarageBand, which I gladly accepted… Therefore, the weekend of March 30th to April 1st , you can find me at the nanoCampusMac.

Final list of workshops for the nanoCampusMac
Final list of workshops for the nanoCampusMac

Of course, and since I’m there , for all of you who can’t attend I’ll inform you through Apple about the development of the workshops. Here you have the final script with the workshops and all the necessary information, in case you can go to Barcelona that weekend: Saturday March 31st from 10am to 2pm. Room 1


    -iTunes *Import music from CDs *Import music from other computers *Manage music library and create playlists *Import videos to iTunes *Sync to iPod
    -iPhoto *Importing photos from other computers *Importing photos from our digital camera *Managing the photo library and creating albums *Creating slideshows *Retouching and small photo editing
    -iMovie *Importing videos from our camera *Editing tools *Effects and sound *Exporting the edited video
    -iDvd *Professional looking DVD creation, importing our works from iPhoto and iMovie.
    -iWeb *Brief tour of iWeb. *Creation of a Web page with the contents made with the other iApplications

Saturday 31 March from 10 am to 2 pm. Room 2

Blogs and Podcast

    -Oscar Garcia (Macpolen) will tell us how to blog with Blogger -Pedro Aznar (Cuatrodoce and Apple) will tell us how to use Garageband to create a Podcast

Saturday 31 March from 4 to 8 pm. Room 2

Switchers 2

    -Touring the applications that make our lives easier, and most of them come standard or are freeware. *How to use Bluetooth on your Mac and get the most out of it *How to connect mobile phones to your Mac (iSync) *How to use Address Book *How to use iCal *How to use Mail *Safari tricks *How to generate PDF’s with your Mac *How to use Preview *How to use iChat *Networking

Sunday April 1st from 10 am to 2 pm. Room 2

Workshop Virtualization and other O.S.

    *Operating systems running natively, emulated or Virtualized *BootCamp. How to install it and install Windows XP? *Parallels. Installing and installing on it Windows, Linux and other O.S. *VM-Ware *Cross-Over

The workshops will be given in the work rooms of the Agora residence hall in Barcelona

To register, please visit this page and let us know which workshops you would like to attend.

The price of the workshops is:

1 Workshop 5 euros members, 15 euros non-members 2 Workshops 7 euros members, 25 non-members 3 Workshops 10 euros members, 30 euros non-members

There is also the option of staying for lunch on the premises. We ask whoever may be interested, also express it, to make provisions. The price of the meal is 8 euros.

Once you indicate your interest in attending one of the workshops, we will contact you to indicate the method of payment.

If, on the other hand, you want to stay overnight or simply spend the day among machinists, visit this thread

To become a member of CampusMac , visit

As usual, will be raffled among all the attendees of the workshops 1 iPod nano of 2 Gigas and some other surprises.

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