Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X free for 90 days

If you’re interested in Apple’s professional suite of applications, you’ll probably be disappointed with the price they have, which isn’t too cheap. The main applications that are focused on this audience are Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro X . That’s why Apple wanted to open the door for any user to try these professional applications for free for 90 days.

What is Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X?

Although it is a software that is open to all users, the truth is that it is very focused on video and music professionals. Final Cut is known to everyone as the most widely used video editing program on the Mac, with a wide range of tools for professional editing. To give you an idea, this is the direct competition of the editing suite that Adobe makes available to users. Now you can have the opportunity to unleash your creativity with these tools without having to pay the more than Apple wanted to focus on the student sector which is quite large and may be interested in opening new doors in the world with this professional software.

Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X free for 90 days
Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X free for 90 days

Logic Pro X is an application that may sound less. This app is mostly focused on the world of music as it allows you to automatically sync your audio tracks, use hundreds of plug-ins with advanced reverb or incredible creative effects. In a very general way we can say that it is the superior version of GarageBand.

How to access the trial version of Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X

We must remember that Final Cut Pro X had until today a 30-day trial period, but now Apple has wanted to increase this to a total of 90 days. In addition, people who were already in the trial period of Final Cut will see this trial increased by 30 more days. In order to take advantage of it, you just have to access the website of this software. On this website you will find a small form to enter your name, email address and location and then click on ‘Download free trial’. From here you will start downloading the trial version to run it on our Macs.

Final Cut Pro X test for 90 days

In addition to this editing program, Apple also wanted to launch a 90-day free trial of Logic Pro X that is very focused on music professionals. It is true that is not available for download at the moment, but in the next few days they will enable it so we will be watching to see when it is activated. The download process will be the same as in the previous case, that is, through the official website of this software.

Access the Logic Pro X website

We obviously encourage you to make use of these 90 days that Apple has enabled. You may discover a great world ahead of you and above all you will be able to unleash your creativity.

And you, what do you think about this new decision by Apple? Are you going to take advantage of it? Leave your impressions in the comment box.

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