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Filtered OnePlus 5, an iPhone 7 Plus without apple but with the speed of an iPhone 6s

The way things are. Just when one thinks that the (greater or lesser) inspiration for designs among smartphone manufacturers was over, comes one that directly shoots it . Or so it could be if the leak of the next OnePlus 5 that will see the light on June 20th is confirmed.

Because this smartphone is identical to the iPhone 7 Plus. No detours, no nuances, no excuses.

Are there really no other designs in the world?

Filtered OnePlus 5, an iPhone 7 Plus without apple but with the speed of an iPhone 6s
Filtered OnePlus 5, an iPhone 7 Plus without apple but with the speed of an iPhone 6s

There are two fonts that confirm this design and from whom the photos come: SlashLeaks and AndroidPolice. The back of the OnePlus 5 has the same camera layout, microphone, flash , rounded corners, teardrop edge and almost the same color when compared to a black iPhone 7 Plus. The last two elements do not raise too many suspicions, it is the top that gives away the OnePlus 5.

Placing both camera sensors along with the flash and microphone in the same order cannot be a coincidence. There are tens, hundreds of ways to place the various elements of a smartphone on its back and front. We could say infinite, although some make more sense than others.

In fashion, we can see how there are thousands of sweaters, T-shirts, pants, dresses. Different materials, prints, colors, shapes. Mixes among them . More daring or breakthrough designs, others more conservative. It is an extremely competitive market that reinvents itself every year. Although there are also numerous cases of plagiarism.

This is why it sounds like laziness, that OnePlus has not wanted to make an effort to design a different exterior in some way. Although Jony Ive, Apple’s CDO, would describe it differently: theft . Luckily for the bitten apple, the design is much more than that.

An identical terminal on the outside, but with a heart of 2015

The funny thing is that the company’s motto is “Never settle”.

One can copy the external appearance of the iPhone, but there are more and more elements that are out of reach because of their exclusivity. Both hardware and software . In the former, Apple has been manufacturing and designing its own Ax series chips for years. This OnePlus 5 will be identical to the iPhone 7 Plus, but it can not mount the A10 Fusion processor that Apple has designed because it is exclusive.

And as we’ve seen recently, it’s the Samsung Galaxy S8 that’s going around. A terminal with Snapdragon 835 chip that is rumored to also mount the same OnePlus 5. What’s more, according to other speed tests, the Galaxy S8 would not outperform the iPhone 6s either. A smartphone with year and a half behind it.

And in the case of the software, we know that iPhone 7 Plus will have guaranteed updates for at least 4 or 5 years. Not to mention the instant access to them from the moment they are launched. Leaving this aside, the differences between Android and iOS can be considered a personal matter of each user’s taste.

¿Puede un iPhone 6s de 2015 ganar al Galaxy S8 en un test de velocidad y rendimiento? Y tanto que puede.

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But here we return to the recurring theme of exclusivity. If a user wants a terminal with Android, they can choose from a wide range of manufacturers and models. If what he wants is iOS, he can only turn to a single manufacturer and a handful of models. Maybe that’s why they end up using the external appearance of their terminals as the only way to differentiate (or imitate) them.

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