Filtered Apple Watch News: New Sports Exercises

The Apple Watch leads the field of smart watches because it is a device that is well connected to the Apple ecosystem and because it is increasingly a tool dedicated to sports and health. It is precisely in this area that the company appears to be continuing to invest heavily in future versions of the watchOS. The latest news we have on this subject will please sportsmen and women.

Exercise guides on the Apple Watch

If you read the word “Seymour” and you’re a die-hard Simpsons fan, chances are you’ll think of the famous school principal from the cartoon series. However, this is the code name with which one of the most interesting novelties that watchOS 7 could incorporate in its arrival at the Apple Watch has been leaked. However, the final name could be Fit or Fitness .

Filtered Apple Watch News: New Sports Exercises
Filtered Apple Watch News: New Sports Exercises

The point is that it will be a standalone application that could not only be available on the brand’s watches, but would also appear on iOS 14 and tvOS 14. The purpose of this app would be to be able to display a series of guides that serve as exercise aids related to fitness, asking us to find videos and other instruction formats aimed at creating new sports routines.

Although it is not official information, it does not seem unreasonable that this leak will end up becoming a reality. After all, we can already find exercises such as running, swimming or even yoga. The new application could help that sector of people who do fitness activities to stay in shape and could even encourage those users who are not used to doing this type of activity to get started.

It should be noted that this would also be joined by other types of indoor sports activities such as exercise biking or stretching exercises. This would take into account a wide range of users who choose to do sports in closed facilities or in their own homes, without having to do outdoor sports so that their Apple Watch can count their training natively.

When will you see this news

Apple usually holds an annual event where it presents all its new software products. This is the so-called WWDC, and it usually takes place at the beginning of June. This year there are some doubts about whether it will be held, since the COVID-19 is causing the cancellation of many events in all industry sectors. However, Apple could bet on a streaming event.

In this event we would see iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, macOS 10.16, tvOS 14 and who knows if any more software and even hardware news with new device releases. In any case, we could already witness all the new stuff, and even try it out on the various developer betas being launched during the summer. However, it would not be until September when we would see the official launch of these for all users.

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