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Film Steve Jobs Has Three BAFTA Award Nominations

On January 1st, the film by Steve Jobs starring Michael Fassbender arrived in theaters in Spain and Mexico, among other countries. Now, the latest biopic about the co-founder and CEO of Apple directed by Dany Boyle has received three nominations for the BAFTA awards .

Although there were many expectations before its release in the United States , it finally didn’t have as much success as expected, something they hope to solve now that it is available in more countries around the world. For his part, the director of Steve Jobs has tried to move the film around different festivals to try to attract a greater number of users and the truth is that we must recognize that in terms of nominations has not gone badly.

Film Steve Jobs Has Three BAFTA Award Nominations
Film Steve Jobs Has Three BAFTA Award Nominations

Recently it received a total of four nominations for the Golden Globes for best lead actor, best supporting actress, best music and best adapted screenplay. Now, the film Steve Jobs receives three more nominations, this time for the BAFTA awards.

The categories of the BAFTA awards in which Steve Jobs has received a nomination are the same as for the Golden Globes, except for best music. Thus, the categories are best lead actor, best supporting actress and best adapted screenplay .

Will Universal Studios get a return on investment for Steve Jobs? It seems that the production company will have it somewhat complicated, since Universal Studios had to invest about 60 million dollars in total and in the United States it has barely managed to raise just over 10 million dollars.

Of all that money, only half went to buy the rights from Sony in order to produce the film. The remaining $30 million is for the costs of producing the film itself.

However, in case Steve Jobs managed to get one of the Golden Globes or BAFTA, he could get that little boost that he lacks to increase the interest of users to go to the movies to see it.

And you, have you seen the Steve Jobs movie? What did you think? Tell us your opinion in the comments!