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FileMaker Pro 14 Analysis

If you’ve been following this program for years, you’ll know what FileMaker Pro is and what it offers. Otherwise, you should know that is a software that allows you to create databases where we can manage both these databases and the environment for the user to use.

Here we focus on FileMaker Pro 14 and everything it brings. The first time we open the program, we’ll have the chance to see a guided tour of the application where they show us how it works and it’s from there that we start to see all the potential that FileMaker has.

Personalization with thousands of possibilities

FileMaker Pro 14 Analysis
FileMaker Pro 14 Analysis

There are three ways to start using the program: from a customizable template, by importing an existing spreadsheet or database, or by creating a new file. Once we have started working, we have many themes and styles to create our solutions to which we can add tables with different fields, relationship schemes, perform different calculations inside them or create scripts that will help us automate certain tasks.

In addition we have a wide variety of presentation objects ranging from classic lines or squares with rounded edges to the insertion of web pages or maps within our presentation. As they say, variety is taste, and this is where the user must let his imagination run wild in order to create both useful and functional solutions.

A more than powerful tool

Another of FileMaker’s strengths is its power when it comes to using databases. With this program we can make product records with the fields we want, these fields will serve later to filter these products in a very precise way because we can include fields for name, date of sale, price, location or description among many others and not only that, we can also order these items, import new ones through a .xlsx file or export the ones we already have.

With our database created, we have the possibility to create graphs of different types and generate reports of our products to keep an exhaustive control of what we have. These reports can be exported in PDF format for printing or storing on our computer.



FileMaker Pro 14 is not for everyone as it is business-oriented so if you are a normal user it may not be worth your while. That is if, in the business section, you excel, and if you have a company or business in which you manage a large number of products, prices and data in general, this software gives you the possibility to create databases to make a professional and efficient management.

The positive point of this program is undoubtedly the large number of options and forms of customization it has, which although it may be complex at first for less advanced users, there comes a time when you develop actions intuitively. It is also worth noting that we can both import and export databases, so we are not obliged to always depend on the program.

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The application also has a lot of documentation in both Spanish and English, so after a few hours we will be able to create quite interesting solutions. FileMaker Pro 14 is available for both Windows and Mac and has three versions: FileMaker Pro 14, FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced and FileMaker Server 14.


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