FIFA 16 comes to the iPad and does it to stay

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team has arrived to iPhone and iPad , we have been testing it for a couple of days and we wanted to share with you our first impressions.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team for iOS is a free game that you can download from the link provided in this article. At first glance doesn’t seem to have many new features in the gameplay compared to its previous version, but it does have some interesting improvements…

Top new features of FIFA 16 for iPad

FIFA 16 comes to the iPad and does it to stay
FIFA 16 comes to the iPad and does it to stay

Firstly, one of the things that has most caught our attention with the new FIFA is undoubtedly its revamped user interface. Now the menus are more “mobile”, cleaner, more visual and more aesthetic.

Secondly, we found it remarkable the use of a new graphic engine for the development of the game. This makes the graphics much more spectacular , the players’ movements more recognizable, and their faces even more similar.

Another thing we like the most is the goal celebration, we can select the one we like the most , for example by sliding your finger down on the button, the player will throw himself on the floor to celebrate his goal. They are great fun!

In FIFA 16 Ultimate Team players will have the possibility to choose between more than 500 licensed teams and between more than 10.000 real players . In addition, we can create our own dream team by signing and exchanging players.

To sum up the review, FIFA 16 Ultimate Team for iPad is a spectacular game; simple, yes, but very entertaining. The game mechanics remain the same as in FIFA 15 , however the number of teams has been expanded, the user interface and menus have been improved significantly, and the sticker collection system has evolved slightly.

Download FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

If you want to try out the new FIFA you can do so from the following download widget:

Have you played any games in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team and what did you think of the experience? It’s an ideal game to dribble with Messi and make powerful shots from outside the box with Cristiano Ronaldo.

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