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Field Fighter, a vistazo at the shooter estilo “Geometry Wars” for iOS

I’m sure you’ve heard of Geometry Wars (or at least the Grid Wars I was showing you almost five years ago). They are shooters with very simple graphics, but with an on-screen action that few games can match. In iOS we have an official version of Geometry Wars called Touch that has not been updated since 2010, so let’s see if a recent similar game, Field Fighter , is able to overshadow it.

While Geometry Wars and Grid Wars focus on a survival mode within an enclosed flying zone, Field Fighter further structures its game into levels through which to advance by knocking down countless enemies and defeating a final boss. Let’s see if this formula makes it attractive.

Field Fighter: a simple and well-run game with fair quality graphics

Field Fighter, a vistazo at the shooter estilo “Geometry Wars” for iOS
Field Fighter, a vistazo at the shooter estilo “Geometry Wars” for iOS

There is no plot to study: you are a ship and have to eliminate all enemy ships and final bosses. To do this you have several weapons that you can get and improve throughout the game , and the ships you destroy leave points and improvements like bombs to eliminate everything on the screen in a moment, health and extra lives. So far, we are in a very normal ship game.

The graphics in this type of game are reduced to simple polygons and lines, but those lines have to be well defined. In Field Wars they are, although there is a catch that I can’t ignore: the graphics in the iPad version are not adapted to the retina screen . On the iPhone they do make good use of all the pixels, but it seems that they have recycled those graphics to be used on the tablet and, as we are used to more detailed graphics in other games, it doesn’t look good. The music section, however, is very appropriate.

Leaving this detail aside the performance of the game leaves nothing to be desired . No matter how many enemies appear on the screen (and believe me, there are moments when a lot of enemies and projectiles appear) the terminal doesn’t notice it and all the elements on the screen flow without noticing any gaps.

When we see an iPhone capture on the computer we see how the resolution of the graphics could be greatly improved.

To control the ship we have to move our finger over it, and that causes another inconvenience: we never see the ship when we’re under our finger and in the advanced levels there are too many things on screen to allow us that luxury. I miss a control where, for example, I can control the ship by moving my finger in any other area of the screen so I can see where we’re going and dodge projectiles and enemies more efficiently.

A good price, but a few extra, somewhat unnecessary monetization options

Caution, parents: children can cause credit card trouble with these types of options.

Field Fighter has a fair price of 0,89 euros , although the developers have another option to monetize: in the game options we can buy bomb packs and extra lives to last longer in the games. This can be especially useful on advanced levels (the difficulty scale increases at a good pace as we progress through the levels), but can end up being expensive if we depend on these in-app purchases. My recommendation, if you lose, is to be patient and try again.

Field FighterDescarga
However, Field Fighter is a game that will appeal to fans of this type of “polygonal” shooters. Entertaining, colourful, with the point of graphics and gameplay to be improved in future versions.

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