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Feeder 2.0, controla tus feeds en Mac

Reinvented Software.

With the recent boom of Web 2.0 and the revolution it brought to the internet, programs like this one are indispensable to help you maintain your blog or podcast feeds. Feeder is a simple program that allows you to create, modify and publish your feeds in a very visual way and without the need for advanced knowledge of XML.

Feeder 2.0, controla tus feeds en Mac
Feeder 2.0, controla tus feeds en Mac

Thanks to very careful templates, we can create a feed from scratch completely adapted to our needs, whether it’s a blog post or a podcast. We can also modify any feed we have by downloading it from the url we indicate.

Among the new features offered by this new version with respect to its predecessor, we find the complete integration with iTunes and iTunesU when publishing both podcasting, videocasting or screencasting material, as well as educational content. It also allows us to simulate how iTunes will look in the store and will even announce each new entry with a comment on Twitter or Facebook .

Apart from having a much more simplified editor that allows us to correct feeds, we can “ping” the main online services such as Weblogs or Technorati to warn of new content. Your license costs 29 Euros and there is a possibility to upgrade from the previous version for only 11 Euros .

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