Features coming to the HomePod on September 30

We are living a frenetic week after the presentation of the new iPhone 11 although this was not the only important announcement we saw since also when opening the Apple Store Online we saw how Apple announced in a silent way the launch date of iOS 13 or iPadOS. In addition to this update from 9to5mac we have echoed an update that Apple has made in the HomePod features page letting you see the new features that will be integrated through software update in our smart speaker, but we will not end up seeing it in Spain at the moment.

Specifically, as of September 30, it has been seen that it will be possible to use one of the functions presented at WWDC 2019, namely the r eproduction of live radio stations . But although all the media are echoing this, the truth is that on the website of Spain this has not changed and we must continue to wait until autumn which is the date that still remains. It is possible that they have modified it first in the American web and later they extend it to the rest of webs but at the moment in Spain nothing is reflected.

Features coming to the HomePod on September 30
Features coming to the HomePod on September 30

Notice on apple.com that this feature will arrive on 9/30

Notice in apple.es that this feature will arrive in autumn and not on 30/09.

It seems that this function will only reach some specific countries, probably to be able to carry out tests. This function of playing live radio stations has already been seen in some HomePods in Germany, but not in any other. We will have to keep waiting to see if we finally have a specific date for the arrival of these new features that were presented at WWDC 2019 in Spain and that are shown in iOS 13 beta but that we cannot use at the moment.

In addition, there are many other features that still carry the label ‘available in autumn’, both in Spain and in other countries where this equipment is available for purchase. Specifically, we are referring to the multi-user support that will allow the HomePod to recognize several voices from our family nucleus and the transfer of music or a call from the iPhone to the HomePod just by bringing it closer.

But this is not the end of the story, because in addition to these functions that we all knew about, they have also added a new one. This is called ‘room sounds on the HomePod’ and, as the name suggests, it will be based on the reproduction of relaxing sounds such as the sound of waves, fire or storms. This can be extremely interesting to play when we get into bed as it will help us to fall asleep. As in the previous case , this function is only reflected in the Apple website in the U.S. so we do not know if it will end up arriving a priori in Spain or not. It is possible that they will be updating the websites in the next few hours including these new features, although we think that the right thing to do would be to make this change globally so as not to bind the user.

Leave us your opinion on these new functions in the comments box and if you think they are useful for your HomePod.

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