Features an intelligent charging mode to increase battery life

Apple only highlighted some of the new features of iOS 13 during yesterday’s keynote, but the truth is that the new version of the operating system brings a lot more new features. One of them and the most curious one has to do with the battery and its health . Now the iPhone will know when to charge and how much to charge the battery to prevent it from deteriorating so much.

Optimized Battery Charging’ is the name given to this new feature and can be found in the ‘Battery Health’ section of the device settings. Along with the maximum battery capacity we now have this new function that seeks to delay the decrease of the maximum capacity . It is available on iPhone with iOS 13.

Features an intelligent charging mode to increase battery life
Features an intelligent charging mode to increase battery life

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Optimised battery charge’, as the name suggests, optimises the battery charge rate . According to Apple, the iPhone will learn from the owner’s usage habits to charge the last part of the battery when needed.

In other words, if you put the iPhone to charge every night while you sleep, for example, the device will learn what time you normally wake up. When it does, it will stop charging the battery when it reaches 80% and that last 20% will charge it only when there is approximately one hour left before you disconnect it from the charger, i.e. before you wake up.

The functionality can be disabled temporarily or forever.

The batteries of smartphones wear out faster when charged above 80% . That’s why it’s recommended that users charge the devices to approximately 80% and then top them up when needed. This helps increase the overall battery life and reduces battery deterioration.

But what if you have an unforeseen event and “break the routine”? Simply that the iPhone will only be approximately 80% charged. If you want to avoid that, you have two options. The first one is to temporarily deactivate the function , when doing so the iPhone will be 100% charged and the function will be activated again the next day. The other option is to turn off the function completely and it will never be activated unless you do so. By default this is enabled in iOS 13.

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