Fates Forever para iPad, iPad Air y iPad Mini

A new MOBA for the iPad tablet

Fates Forever is a very recent free game developed exclusively for the iPad. The interesting thing about the game is that it is a MOBA specially designed to play on tablets , with the advantages and disadvantages of the touch screen of these devices.

For those who don’t know the term yet, a MOBA game is a cooperative multiplayer game in which you will usually play in a 3 vs 3 battle. The acronym for this type of game is “Online Multiplayer Arena Battle”.

Fates Forever para iPad, iPad Air y iPad Mini
Fates Forever para iPad, iPad Air y iPad Mini

There were already games similar to Fates Forever on the App Store, and in fact, they have been quite successful among users. Heroes of Order & Chaos and Solstice Arena were two of the best iOS games of this kind.

Fates Forever is a very complete set

The game offers very acceptable graphics, a vibrant, very intense and brutal gameplay and a lot of options such as buying spells, powers and armor and even different types of characters to choose from in battle.

We’ll start by talking about what’s really interesting about this type of game, the multiplayer mode. Although Fates Forever, it also features a single-player gameplay mode in which you’ll face bots. In the co-op mode you can choose from 10 different character types , although some of them will appear as blocked.

To unlock these characters you must first play a few games to win gold coins and “pandemonium”. At the beginning of the game you will find yourself with two companions in the safe zone of the battle. At the beginning you should buy some attack or defence items and gradually improve your character’s skills and equipment.

Obviously, each character has his own special powers and abilities . In the midst of battle, you can always check where your allies and enemies are located thanks to the map that appears in the upper right-hand corner of your iPad. One of the most interesting features of the cooperative multiplayer mode is that you can invite your friends to join a “party” and have voice conversations during the battle . Something really useful on a strategic level.

The goal of Fates Forever, as in most MOBA games, is to destroy your opponents’ towers along with your tributes and allies. If your character ends up being defeated, don’t worry because you will reappear in a matter of seconds. The battles are epic and really intense, the tactile gestures such as sliding or dragging your finger on the screen make it much easier to launch attacks and greatly enhance the gameplay experience.

In addition to the cooperative multiplayer mode, you can also play in PvP (player vs. player) and single-player mode. In addition, you can add friends and invite them to your games . The game is very complete, its graphics are not bad, it is very entertaining and it has some very good social features and on top of that… it’s free! What more could you ask for?

Fates Forever on video

Don’t miss our video gameplay review of this great game:

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Have you tried it yet? What do you think? What’s your favorite MOBA game?

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