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Fallout Shelter Llega a la App Store para iPhone y iPad

If you’re one of those who hung around until 4:00am last night to watch the Bethesda E3 conference, you’ll know that one of the most surprising surprises of all is the announcement of Fallout Shelter for iOS for both the iPhone and iPad which is now available for download.

Fallout Shelter is a title where the main objective is to build and manage your own Vault-Tec shelter , you even have the possibility to put the numbering you want and save up to three different games on the same iPhone and iPad. You will be in charge of the management of the refuge, controlling the inhabitants who arrive at it and assigning a specific task to each of them. These in turn will be one of the fundamental pillars of the game.

Fallout Shelter Llega a la App Store para iPhone y iPad
Fallout Shelter Llega a la App Store para iPhone y iPad

The refuge will grow in population and number of stays, with which you will manage the amount of energy, water and food, to keep the refugees happy at all times , you will even be able to create refugee couples and have children to increase the population. The inhabitants you add to the management of the refuge will be able to level up, change their equipment and even send them out to explore outside the refuge to find items or other things.

Fallout Shelter is Free to Play

One of its greatest strengths is that the Bethesda game is free, with purchases within the application, which puts it in the category of Free to Play games. But the management of the game without dropping a single euro can be carried out without any problem. The boxes of objects that we can get with real money, can also be obtained by spending time in the game.

We always have this fear that games in the Free to Play genre are “Pay to Win”, that is, if you don’t pay with real money you don’t win or advance. But in Fallout Shelter you won’t have this problem, as Bethesda herself said at the E3 conference, because with the shelter management you can get everything you need without paying.

We think this title is a good way to get through the wait for Fallout 4, which we also saw at the Bethesda conference, but we’ll leave that part up to the guys at Xombit Games, who will be bringing you updates from other game platforms. If you’re a fan of strategy and management games, don’t pass up the opportunity to try Fallout Shelter.

We leave you with the video presentation of the Bethesda conference at E3, so you can see the game in motion and get a better idea.

Download Fallout Shelter for iPhone & iPad

You can download the game from the App Store from the following download button, the game is free with purchases within the application. The game is only available in iOS, at the moment, and is in Spanish.

We’re not going to pass up the opportunity to test out Fallout Shelter and are going to spend a few hours playing it to bring you a more in-depth analysis of what you can find in this management title, from the popular post-apocalyptic saga, later this week. You are warned.

Have you tried Fallout Shelter? You can tell us what you’ve thought of the game so far.

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