Fallen Nation for iPad and iPad 2, we proved it!

Today we’re lucky enough to try out the game Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation exclusively. It’s Gameloft’s new iPad shooter iPad 2 , and in iPadizate we’ll be revealing its secrets to you before it hits the App Store.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation iPad

The third installment of the Modern Combat saga is about to reach all your iOS devices. With its brand new graphics, rendered with the Unreal Engine 3, it promises to take war games one step further on the iPad . The first thing that catches your eye is the staging, including for the first time the realistic motion blur , a kind of blur when you move your eyes quickly that gives a lot of realism to the action. Also our eyesight becomes blurred when we are very badly hurt.

Fallen Nation for iPad and iPad 2, we proved it!
Fallen Nation for iPad and iPad 2, we proved it!

The story begins in a hectic way. CPR, a terrorist group made up of Russian, Pakistani and Korean radicals, has declared war on Western civilization, and especially on the United States. Their hackers have taken control of the communication satellites, and suddenly, they have compromised the national security by placing troops in some of the most emblematic American cities .

As if that were not enough, terrorists have managed to bring weapons of mass destruction into the country. Our first mission will be in Los Angeles, where we will have to recover at all costs some vital information about the target of their next attack . These recovery, cover or escort missions will be mixed with pure action and shooting scenes, bringing variety to the game mechanics.

We can play on 4 difficulty levels: Low, Medium, High and Extreme . This last one can only be unlocked after having completed the game in any of the others. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation gives you the choice of using the gyro to control where you look, or using the right side of the screen , as in many other iPad shooter. In this sense, Gameloft has done its homework well and its first-person shooter experience is evident.

The rest of the buttons in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, are the minimum and necessary in a shooting game to allow a certain depth in the fray, keeping the interface as clean as possible : reload, zoom, duck, … Despite the limitations of the iPad’s control for this type of game, we immediately take control and the action becomes the protagonist.

On the pause menu, we can spend points to buy equipment and ammunition, and even upgrades for our weapons. A special mention deserves the multiplayer section, essential in this kind of action games. In this case, we can compete in 6 different game modes . The skirmishes will take place over a local network via WiFi or by connecting to the servers of Gameloft Live , in games of up to 12 players.

If all this didn’t convince you, we’ll leave you with the release trailer for Modern Combat 3 : Fallen Nation, so you can see that it’s a real iPad super production:

Recently we were looking at the best shooter for iPad and iPad 2. You can be sure that this Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation will have a privileged place in that list from now on. Its great features are a well-linked story, superb gameplay and one of the biggest visuals on the App Store. 100% Recommended!

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