Faded is an all-in-one photo editing app

I know, I know you’ll tell me Pere, another application of filters? Yes. In this respect I am very exclusive and meticulous . I don’t like fantastic effects, those that make photos look unreal or fantastic, nor those that exaggerate like those that simulate HDR and people, unfortunately for our eyes, abuse them.

I have tried many photo editing apps on my iPhone , that’s why my photo apps folder is selected: Over, that I use it very little to put letters to the photos but it’s the best, PDQ to make collages more than anything for work, VSCOcam is essential although the truth is that I use it less and less every day, Mextures I love it because yes, I need Camera+ more than anything for its advanced controls and the timer among others, LoryStripes adds interesting effects but as I said I don’t like the additions.

Faded is an all-in-one photo editing app
Faded is an all-in-one photo editing app

Next is PolyPic, which also adds interesting effects to the pictures, adding a frame and defocusing. We arrived at the end with Image Blender, that I bought it because of how well people talked about this application but the truth is that I haven’t had time to use it properly yet. There’s also Blur, which we’ll tell you later in Applesupportphonenumber how to use it. And now we come to Faded.

Faded is an app with only three days of life in the App Store and it has come to surprise me since has a little of all the apps before named , mainly a little bit of Mextures, a little even of VSCO and Image Blender, the perfect all in one.

The promotional video doesn’t sell the app very well: it’s good that they want to take the application around the field hipster of the glasses, the beard and such, but they didn’t sell it to me like that. The web sells me more than the video, the truth. I was mainly attracted by the filters and the films apart from the history . Now I’ll tell you.

To start with you have all the editing tools you would expect (you can even make adjustments during the shot like manual exposure) and some more. You can apply different types of filters . It also has special effects as I like to call them, mostly made up of gradients and light leaks.

What I like most is the history , as it differentiates it from other applications. By making a simple gesture you can show all the editing history that has been done. Not only will you know what you have done but you will also see the preview. Finally these edits can be saved as actions that you can apply to a new photo, which is great when you find the perfect formula. I think that any application that is worthy of this style should have something like this.

And to finish the edits, besides being able to put a mask of various shapes and choose the color and size, you can overlay another image by choosing the opacity and the fusion mode . This video -not the promotional one I was telling you- explains the process very well.

Well, this is Faded, which for 0.89 euros you can have. However, it is worth mentioning that the developers have been clever (or not, depending on which way you look at it) and have put some filters and effects under payment, as VSCO cam does. The various packs cost 0.89 although you can unlock them all for 4.49. That will depend on whether you get really hooked. At the moment I don’t need it, the application is well loaded.

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