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facts about the Apple TV+ series

See was Apple TV+’s big bet on series at its premiere, with a multimillion dollar budget even larger than that of the legendary Game of Thrones. In it, with Jason Momoa as the main character, we were able to witness an exciting story based on a future in which humanity has lost its sight. Now we know new facts about season two, which could make die-hard fans sad.

See may not return until 2021

Although the Apple TV+ catalogue continues to grow every month, the truth is that the most loved series are the first to be released, including Jason Momoa’s series. His second season was confirmed practically since the premiere of the first episodes, but few data are known about the shooting of this one beyond speculation.

facts about the Apple TV+ series
facts about the Apple TV+ series

The production of See is not something simple, given the places where the recordings are made and the complexity of moving a whole technical and artistic team with it. In addition to this already difficult situation, there are the ravages caused by the coronavirus pandemic , which has already caused other series like The Morning Show to stop recording, even though these are less tedious to carry out on a logistical level.

If it already seemed complicated that this new season would come for this year, now it becomes practically impossible. It is certain that the premiere will not take place until next year and if we bet on specific dates, we could assume that it will be in autumn 2021 when it arrives. It would be two years since the premiere of the first part and it would also coincide with other big premieres that Apple will reserve for these months.

Same millionaire budget

One thing that surprised everyone when this series became known was its budget. In the first season it had approximately 30 million dollars for each of its eight episodes. To put this in context, this is twice as much as the last season of Game of Thrones , which averaged $15 million per episode.

These figures are no guarantee of success, but they are good proof of Apple’s faith in the series from the very beginning. In fact, Cupertino is still confident, as a similar budget is expected for the second season, with which the producers will have to carry out the shooting of at least 8 more episodes, although it is not yet known if there will be any more.

Characters and plots to be solved

Jason Momoa, Alfre Woordad, Sylvia Hoeks, Christian Camargo, Nesta Cooper and Yadira Guevara Prip play, respectively, Baba Voss, Paris, Reina Kane, Magra, Tamacti, Haniwa and Bow Lion. These characters will be in the second season. Obviously there will be more, although it has not been confirmed which ones will repeat with respect to the first one and if there will be any additions.

The production of the second part will be carried out in secret again, but there is clear evidence that many of the plots opened in the first season will be resolved and that they did not have a clear ending. The clash between Baba Voss and Haniwa against Edo will continue. While in the kingdom of Payan, Maghera has to face the rebellion started in the last chapters of the first season. Tamacti Jun’s survival will continue to bring about headaches.

We will continue to wait for new information, although we may not have promotional videos or more exact details of the plot until the second season is not far off.

And you, what do you expect from the new season of See? You can leave your impressions in the comment box.