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facial and object recognition, message filter and voice modulator


The first patent deals with an object recognition system using a camera or an RFID sensor . Once recognized, the phone could give more information about the object: a good example of this use could be, for example, that you take a picture of a painting in a museum and the iPhone gives you information about it from the analysis of the image.

facial and object recognition, message filter and voice modulator
facial and object recognition, message filter and voice modulator

Another patent goes further and proposes facial recognition , with which a device could, for example, prevent the device from resting if it detects a face in front of it (deducing that the user is, in effect, looking at the device).

A third patent describes a system that, depending on the content of a message, would filter it according to rules specified by the user . In addition, it would serve to require a minimum of spelling quality or a minimum of words in the messages, so that it could serve in the field of education.

The patent also discusses a system for more efficiently managing messages sent to multiple recipients , checking the individual sending to each recipient and offering an interface to verify the sending. In addition, by means of an alert system, the mail program could notify us of new messages, with the possibility of expanding the alert message to see more information about the message received instantly.

Finally, another patent describes a voice modulation system , so that for example a mother could have an audio book read with her own voice, with the possibility of emphasizing some parts for educational purposes.

As always, these patents can either become a reality or remain eternally valid , but this intense activity reflects the fact that Apple has been trying to improve the functionalities of its multitouch devices.

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