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FaceTime will also not work on 4G LTE networks

AppleInsider> The Verge

Now that we’re starting to see some more extensive reviews of the new iPad, we’re also starting to hear some more specific details about Apple’s new tablet. The Verge, for example, has discovered that FaceTime videoconferencing won’t work with 4G networks , despite the good bandwidth they offer.

FaceTime will also not work on 4G LTE networks
FaceTime will also not work on 4G LTE networks

On the one hand it seems natural to know that the 3G networks we are used to do not allow video chats using this protocol either, but on the other hand we are talking about speeds that are more than ready for this type of video conferencing to take place. Apple already said with the launch of iPhone 4 that “it’s a matter of talking to the operators” , who do not want to see their networks saturated with video chats among the hundreds of millions of iOS devices already on the streets.

Pity, especially when in the middle of last year there were traces in iOS that suggested that this limitation was going to disappear. Meanwhile, and if we really need it, we can always use alternatives like Skype to be able to make a video conference using mobile networks. We’ll be watching for more details about the new iPad, which will come out in droves now that its launch is less than 24 hours away in the United States and other countries.


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