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FaceOff 7, Bloquea iPad or iPhone with Jailbreak at Ponerlo Boca Abajo

Turn off and lock the screen of your device by turning it upside down with this handy tweak

Today we find both users who want to leave their iDevice as it is with their operating system “unaltered” and users who prefer to do the Jailbreak and get even more interesting applications and features.

One of the advantages of making the Jailbreak to our device is, among other things, that it increases the possibilities to customize it, as well as to add new and interesting features that will make the user experience much more enjoyable. How would you like the screen of your iDevice to be turned off and even blocked when placed upside down on a flat surface?

FaceOff 7, Bloquea iPad or iPhone with Jailbreak at Ponerlo Boca Abajo
FaceOff 7, Bloquea iPad or iPhone with Jailbreak at Ponerlo Boca Abajo

Currently on the market there are many models of smartphones that thanks to either a native function or an application installed later, allow you to do this action and even mute a call. So why shouldn’t users of Apple devices be able to enjoy something like this? Well, this is possible thanks to a Cydia tweak called Face Off 7 , which will allow us to perform several actions by placing the device with the screen down on a flat surface, although among them we must highlight the blocking.

FaceOff 7 features

If you have an iPad or iPhone with Jailbreak, don’t hesitate to get the tweak FaceOff 7 because it will surely not leave you indifferent. As we said just a few moments ago, it allows us to associate the gesture of turning the iPhone upside down with a certain action, such as turning off the screen, locking the device or activating and deactivating some other functions.

For example, with FaceOff 7 we can disable the tweak when the iPad or iPhone is loading or when we call, activate it only when it is blocked or disable that some applications are started when it is active among other things. Without a doubt, this is a tweak that can be very useful when we leave the device on the table because if we have it locked with code we will avoid someone picking it up and being able to gossip about what we have on it.

If you liked this curious tweak that they tell us about from iPhoneItalia, you can get it through the BigBoss repository, which is installed by default on Cydia. Remember that in order to install it we need to have done the Jailbreak to our device and, of course, an internet connection to be able to download it. Finally, we have to say that this tweak is compatible with iOS 7 as you may have guessed from its name.

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