Facebook Will Decrease False News on Your Platform

The world’s most widely used social network company continues to work to improve the experience of its users. Over the past few months, Facebook has been working hard to try to decrease the amount of cheating on its news feed .

The truth is that Facebook is constantly surprising us with new improvements and features for its services . Just a day ago we told you that the Messenger application will be able to transcribe voice messages to text, a feature that is currently in testing, but that can be very useful for sending a message to a friend when we can’t write.

Facebook Will Decrease False News on Your Platform
Facebook Will Decrease False News on Your Platform

Returning to the subject of news, Facebook has been making changes over the last few months to streamline the News Feed , in order to make it a place that is not as strong or dominant in our social network.

Facebook will reduce the number of misleading or fake items

As a result of all this work, the social network company has recently announced its plan to gradually reduce the number of misleading articles and other fake pieces that appear on the news service every day . Facebook has achieved much of this with the help of its users, who have the ability to mark an article as fake and not just as spam.

This way, Facebook will discard that information and work to remove this type of post that are always presented within the news service in the first place. From the social network they comment that “we have recently added an option for people to report that a story that appears in the News Feed is false”.

This new feature works in the same way as reporting a news or post as spam. So, when we click to hide a story on Facebook, there’s also the option to report the content , where we’ll find several options to choose from.

Facebook wants users to use the news service more

On Facebook they are aware that many people hate their wall to be filled with misleading or false news , so they are trying to put a solution in the best possible way. The company says that stories that include scams or deliberately misleading are reported two and a half times more often than links to other news.

On the other hand, we must not forget another step taken by Mark Zuckerberg’s boys a few days ago. We talked about Facebook for Work, a new social network exclusively for businesses through which companies could offer their employees the possibility to connect and collaborate efficiently with their colleagues.

In short, iPhoneHacks says that Facebook wants you to spend more time on the news service and not necessarily have to hate it . Finally, they say that the vast majority of editors will not be affected by the changes in the way stories can be reported, but they say that the goal is essentially to help clean up that service.

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