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Facebook updates and now supports 3D Touch

For some time now, when they decided to stop announcing the improvements of each version, Facebook updates are a box of surprises. In this case, the latest update to the iPhone application, after the release of the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, includes support for one of its newest highlights, 3D Touch .

From now on, as in the other adapted applications, we will be able to access the most common actions through 3D Touch. In this case, when we click on the application icon a quick action menu will appear in which we can choose between three options: write a post, upload a photo or a video or, finally, take a photo or a video.

Facebook updates and now supports 3D TouchFacebook updates and now supports 3D Touch

Through the first option we can directly access to update our Facebook status with all the options usually available such as attaching a photo, location, etc. The other two quick actions allow us to upload or take a photo or video quickly by reducing the time it used to take for this type of action.

It doesn’t look like Facebook has gone any further and implemented the popular Peek and Pop, the other two ways of interacting with 3D Touch applications, in this update. Throughout the different menus at no time has this option been skipped. Another option that is also not available are the Live Photos , despite the fact that Facebook promised to implement them before the end of the year.

It is to be appreciated how quickly most developers are updating their applications and implementing 3D Touch into them . Although, all said and done, many of these updates are more for the mere fact of having implemented 3D Touch than for bringing some real improvement to the interaction. I suppose that with time they will be polishing these details.

Facebook in particular is being one of the most accelerated these updates as we must remember that Instagram was also updated earlier and supports 3D Touch not only with the fast actions but also with Peek and Pop. By the way, remember that these options are only available for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus , so it’s not bad to keep this in mind.