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Facebook, Twitter, Find my friends, Contacts, Stock market and a note of humor

We have reached the last installment of our special on Siri in iOS 7 in which we have broken down each and every one of the possibilities in our country of the Apple voice assistant. This time we will offer you practical examples of how to get the most out of Facebook, Twitter, Find My Friends, the Address Book and the Stock Market app, leaving some of the many jokes hidden in Siri’s unique personality for last.

But before we continue, what do you say we make a summary of what we have seen so far so that you will not miss anything?

  • Part One: Initial Setup, Phone and FaceTime
  • Part Two: Settings, Apps, Time, Music and Clock
  • Part Three: Maps, Sports, Movies, Restaurants, Internet Search and General Knowledge
  • Part Four: Mail, Messages, Calendar, Reminders and Notes
Facebook, Twitter, Find my friends, Contacts, Stock market and a note of humor
Facebook, Twitter, Find my friends, Contacts, Stock market and a note of humor

And now, let’s go for the fifth one (remember that they are only examples, you don’t have to use exactly the same words or structure for Siri to understand you)…


  • Post on Facebook that I’m going to see the new Pixar movie
  • Writing on my wall we’ve been hiking in the mountains. No need to specify Facebook, Siri understands what we mean when we talk about “my wall”.
  • Write on my Facebook wall I just landed in Madrid


The microblogging service is much more integrated than Facebook, allowing for more hands-free action than posting a particular comment.

Publish tweets

  • Publish on Twitter great match of Celtic
  • Posting on Twitter in the Costa Brava
  • Tweet I’m going on vacation with Pablo Fernandez and add my location. Also specify that we want to share our GPS position without touching the screen at all.
  • Publish on Twitter a massive open-air concert in Barcelona

Search on Twitter

  • Show my tweets
  • What’s the word from San Francisco?
  • Look for tweets with Madrid pad
  • What is the trend on Twitter?
  • What do people say?
  • What’s the word on the Foo Fighters?

Find my friends

Apple’s application for locating our closest contacts also supports Siri, allowing for reminders based on the geolocation of one of them or ourselves. Very useful if you’re not too jealous of your privacy.

  • Where’s Carlos?
  • Where’s my sister?
  • Is my daughter home?
  • Where are all my friends?
  • Who’s around here?
  • Is there anyone around?
  • Let me know when my child gets home
  • Notify my husband when I leave work


Contact information

  • What’s Ana’s phone number?
  • What’s Lidia’s work address?
  • When is my mother-in-law’s birthday? No more looking bad.
  • See Beatriz’s home email address
  • What’s my brother’s work address?

Contact Search

  • Show me Paloma Gutierrez
  • Search for contacts named Perez
  • Who is Vicente Alcalá?


  • My mother is Beatriz Lara
  • Jesus Stephen is my brother
  • Call my brother at home


  • Learn to pronounce my name. Siri will ask you to teach her how to pronounce your name individually.
  • Learn the pronunciation of my mother’s name
  • Learn to pronounce the name of Ana Pérez
  • That’s not how you pronounce it. To make corrections on the fly just at the moment when Siri makes a slip.


  • How’s the bag?
  • What is Apple’s stock price?
  • What is Apple’s market capitalization?
  • What was Yahoo’s closing price today?
  • How far is the Dow Jones?
  • How is the IBEX 35 doing?


She had reserved for the end what is otherwise one of Siri’s best-known facets, her particular sense of humor. Ask the assistant by voice to tell you a joke and you’ll know about the two iPhones that came into a bar, ask him to tell you dirty tricks and you’ll see. Or maybe you’re interested in his multiple responses to the meaning of life; his opinion on our physical form ( Am I fat? ); ask him to marry you or even ask him an unforgettable “ola ke ase” . Siri has an outlet for everything (or almost), yes, also jokes for Star Trek lovers or 2001: A Space Odyssey. That’s how she is.

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