Facebook releases its own TV SDK for the new Apple TV

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Little by little more alternatives are being uploaded to the TVOS cart and the new Apple TV, this can only be good news for its users. Now it’s the turn of Facebook that in its developer news blog has announced a new SDK for tvOS available for all developers thinking about this platform .

Facebook releases its own TV SDK for the new Apple TV
Facebook releases its own TV SDK for the new Apple TV

For the Apple TV end user, this means a way to identify yourself in certain applications. The mechanics, as the video explains, will be simple. The application that implements it will give us a code that we will have to enter either on a mobile device or a computer in order to link that application to our Facebook account .

This will allow users new ways to interact and share achievements or application elements on their Facebook accounts. For developers a new range of possibilities will open up as they will be able to keep track of statistics for the application offered by Facebook.

We may allow users to share photos, links, statuses or even achievements (if it is a video game) in their accounts. Developers, by accessing Facebook App Analytics will have data on uses, downloads, types of users using their application…

We are off to a promising start for the new Apple TV tvOS. Apple is back to doing what it does best, implementing the App Store and putting the ball in the developers’ court . All indications are that this has had a great response and the App Store for tvOS will soon be a hotbed of new applications specifically designed for Apple’s mediaset.


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