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Facebook Rediseña Slingshot para Competir con Snapchat

It’s common knowledge that Mark Zuckerberg has a strange obsession with the Snapchat app. After his Facebook purchase went wrong, he decided to create his own application to compete with it: Slingshot .

But in view of the dismal results and the little interest shown by users in their new app, Facebook is back on track by updating Slingshot to version 2.0 in a desperate attempt to gain ground on the giant in this category, Snapchat.

Slingshot’s adoption rate is very slow

Facebook Rediseña Slingshot para Competir con SnapchatFacebook Rediseña Slingshot para Competir con Snapchat

It seems that the company has chosen to completely change the way the Slingshot application works since it was launched on the App Store and Google Play. When this happened, one of its main features was that it allowed us to send images to our contacts but they could only see them if they sent a picture back.

But the release of Slingshot for Apple’s iPhone, as we mentioned before, has not been well received by iOS users . That’s why in version 2.0 of the new Facebook app to compete with Snapchat some improvements and new features have been implemented.

Main functions and features of the new version of Slingshot

Firstly, one of the most interesting and surprising improvements of the new Facebook app is that it now offers us the possibility to follow our friends (yes, yes, like on Twitter!), so when we share an image it will appear in a feed of publications.

In addition, our followers will be able to respond to our images by posting their own, which will appear in a separate tab. One of the things that follows as it worked before is the self-destruction of the sent images, which will expire after 24 hours of being uploaded.

But these are not the only news, from today the Facebook application will allow us to capture images and apply filters and emojis to them .

You can add video loops and send full-screen images . In addition, as we are informed from Thenextweb we will now have the opportunity to receive notifications so that we don’t miss a single detail about the images and movements of our favourite contacts.

We don’t know if this new update will revitalize the app and finally stand up to Snapchat. What we do know is that the idea and features it offers now are much better than the previous version.

Slingshot video

Want to know how it works?

Download Slingshot

We offer you the download of this application through the following widget:

Now we can only hope, time will tell if this update is able to stand up to Snapchat in the battle for the monopoly of ephemeral image delivery applications. Do you think the new Slingshot will succeed?