Facebook Posts Q2 2014 Data with Record Revenue

Facebook has released Q2 2014 data with record figures

Who said Facebook was finished as a company? What usually happens with this type of service is that over time it becomes so widespread among the population that its growth ends up being stagnant. However, the social network has just published the financial data for the second fiscal quarter of 2014 in which it has registered a record income with a total of 2.9 billion dollars.

Just yesterday, Facebook published the results for Q2 2014, in which we can see that the company continues to grow, albeit at a slower pace. To the 2.9 billion dollars of revenue we have to add the 1,317 million active users every month and 654 million active users per month from the mobile.

Facebook Posts Q2 2014 Data with Record Revenue
Facebook Posts Q2 2014 Data with Record Revenue

This is a rather reduced increase , but it is still a growth, being even higher than that registered in Q1 2014 where 1,276 million and 609 million active users were registered respectively.

Facebook sets its own revenue record

Leaving aside the data referring to the activation of users, we move on to the issue of income. In this respect, the social network has once again surprised us with the figures it has achieved, as it has managed to break its own record with a total of 2.91 billion dollars .

As we can see from the graph below they recorded growth throughout 2013 , however in Q1 2014 there was a slight decline in revenue. Now they have picked up again and have done so in a surprising way, reaching almost 3 billion. Compared to the same quarter last year (Q2 2013), there has been a 139% increase.

Is Facebook trying to become a “mobile social network”?

Another point that cannot be overlooked is that while in the first quarter of the year 59% of revenues came from mobile advertising , in Q2 2014 these revenues have increased to 62%. This is not surprising, since the social network is focusing almost all its work on mobile devices.

In addition to the financial data for the quarter, Facebook also released statistics on the use of the social network by users. Thanks to this statistic we can see that in Q2 2014 there were 399 million users who connected to FB from their mobile device , while in Q2 2013 there were only 219 million.

Seeing this data, we could say that Facebook is gradually managing to turn its service into a social network for mobiles , as people are increasingly opting for the smartphone or tablet when accessing it.

As the guys at iMore say, there is no doubt that we are ahead of schedule with some pretty important growth figures for a company that seems to be far from stagnating , at least in the short term. If you are interested, you can consult all the figures in much more detail on the official website so that you don’t miss a thing.

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